Architecture Shapes Behaviour
Torben Østergaard
3XN Architects, Kopenhagen

Punkt 7-Reihe
HFT Stuttgart | Bau 1 | Aula | Schellingstr. 24 | 70174 Stuttgart
19:00 Uhr

3XN is currently designing a new building for the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Fakultät Technik at Hegelstrasse in Stuttgart. The site has already been cleared and by the time of the talk, machines will be scratching the soil to enable things take shape, for any architect involved in construction – this is of course a truly exciting moment in time. During the talk, I will explain the ideas, intentions and some of the challenges behind the design for the future home for some 2000 students and professors.

The proposed talk has been labelled “Architecture shapes Bahaviour” to frame the belief, that Architecture has more to offer than the “craft” of organizing function and putting materials together in balanced proportions. The title suggests a frame for exploring a behavioristic approach to architecture and aims at explaining our attempt to offer architectural spaces that let the users participate in a more active way. Architecture as a discipline does not provide clear-cut answers to everything, but any new building offers a chance to create a sense of community – which is why we always strive to shape spaces that foster connectivity and social interaction.

The concept for Duale Hochschule will be explained in context of a range of realized 3XN designs with reference to education, office and culture where architectural scripts for connectivity and social interaction have been explored.

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