Léone Drapeaud, Manuel León Fanjul & Johnny Leya
traumnovelle | Brüssel, Paris, Charleroi

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HTWG Konstanz | L007 | Paul-und-Gretel-Dietrich-Str. | 78462 Konstanz
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Traumnovelle is a militant faction founded by three Belgian architects: Léone Drapeaud, Manuel León Fanjul and Johnny Leya. Traumnovelle uses architecture and fiction as analytical, critical and subversive tools to emphasize contemporary issues and dissect their resolutions. Traumnovelle alternates between cynicism and enthusiasm all the while advocating for critical thinking in architecture. Traumnovelle champions a multi-disciplinary approach with architecture at the crossroads. Traumnovelle distances itself from current forms of naive architecture and refuses to glorify the mundane. Traumnovelle sides with those who have not sacrificed ambition and criticism.


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